Saturday, May 11, 2019

Free Speech Isn't Free In America Anymore

There is currently a Full On assault on Free Speech going on in this country and more than one Wordpress Blog has been terminated without warning recently.
I still have other Blogger hosted Blogs but Google was doing the same thing to people who's words they deemed to be offensive a while back so I bailed on Blogger and went to Wordpress where I had unimaginable success.
I also bought and paid for, a Domain name from Wordpress,

 However, I am fairly certain that I got a taste of their censorship very recently when I posted a Youtube video from someone whom they considered to be Bad Think In Extremis.
All of a sudden I couldn't update the body of the post, just the title, after trying repeatedly.

I have years and years worth of writings on several different blogs, starting clear back in March of 2006.
That is a long time in the world of Blogging,
I do not care to have all of that disappeared because some Snowflake Cunt I will never see identified, doesn't like what I posted some random day and decides arbitrarily to pull the plug on my blog.

Fuck, That.

So now I am trying to figure out how to back up or transfer, all of my Wordpress posts.
This could take a while.
In the mean time, I am starting yet another Blogger hosted blog to use as a back up in case the worst does happen.

Maybe now, after I have been saying it for over five years, people will wake the fuck up to the fact that we ARE in the middle of a God Damned Civil War.


  1. Yes, we are in a war. Of the worst type. We can fight physically, but when we are restricted to words, not deeds, we are basically fighting with our hands tied behind our backs.

  2. Oh, yeah, forgot to say, Keep up the good fight, brother!

  3. Hang tough, Phil. (enjoy Mother`s Day)

  4. Standing with you Phil - we love your writing - you make me laugh

  5. backed this one up in my bookmarks for when you get unpersoned.


  6. Just checkin' out your backup ... I take it ya haven't gotten 'round to puttin' in the headers and such yet ... Looks good tho ... My comp's actin' up pretty strange these days ... Havin' probs gettin' into my usual editing page .... Had to find a back door ... Anywho . good idea to play it safe.


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